About Jessica

When I was little, my father used to bring home a steady supply of paper, paint and markers, of which I would devour within days. Noticing a pattern, my mother enrolled me at the local art studio where I fell in love with the calming quiet of total focus in the studio. I went on to study fine arts at Syracuse University's Visual and Performing Arts program. My first job was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a teacher for 3, 4 and five year olds. The next twenty years was spent teaching in a small group environment, giving students my undivided attention, in some of New York's most progressive private schools. Now in Fairfield, my goal is to share that love and knowledge of art in a new community with a new generation. All classes are formed with that same small group idea, with a limit of 5-6 children in each class. In this setting, children will get the benefit of my attention and ability to focus on their skills and needs. I hope you will join me on this new adventure!